2021 Schedule

Wednesday, December 8

Start Time End Time SessionSpeakers
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
Pre-Conference Seminar:
Improving Emergency Care For People With Behavioral Health Problems
*additional fee to attend
Peter Brown, MA

Thursday, December 9

Start Time End Time Theme SessionSpeakers
7:30 AM
8:00 AM
Welcome RemarksLes Zun, MD
Kim Nordstrom, MD
Michael Wilson, MD
8:00 AM8:15 AMSuicide Risk
Hotel Room Suicide: Cuyahoga, Orange,
Travis, King, Clark, and Wayne County
Paul Zarkowski, MD

8:15 AM

8:30 AM

Not Just Suicide: Mortality After Emergency Psychiatric Care
Scott Simpson, MD, MPH

8:30 AM8:45 AMSuicide Risk
When Provider Bias Becomes Lethal: High Utilizers in the Emergency Department
Kelley-Anne Klein, MD Steven Runyan, DO
8:45 AM9:00 AMSuicide RiskPanel DiscussionPaul Zarkowski, MD
Scott Simpson, MD, MPH
Kelley-Anne Klein, MD
Steven Runyan, DO
9:00 AM9:20 AMCulture/RaceIatrogenesis within Behavioral Emergencies: An Antiracist and Ethics ExplorationCarmen Black, MD
9:20 AM9:50 AMCulture/RaceCultural Issues in Emergency PsychiatryJunji Takeshita, MD
9:50 AM10:00 AMCulture/RacePanel DiscussionCarmen Black, MD
Junji Takeshita, MD
10:00 AM10:10 AMBREAK
10:10 AM10:30 AMEducation/TeachingHow to Reach the Unreachable: An Evidence-based Curriculum to Teach Healthcare Disparities Veronica Tucci, MD, JD, FAAEM, FACEP, FAIM
10:30 AM10:50 AMEducation/TeachingLearning the Ropes: How to Prepare Residents to Safely Manage Psychiatric EmergenciesMaryam Hosseini, MD

Carolina Medeiros da Frota Ribeiro, MD
10:50 AM11:00 AMEducation/TeachingPanel DiscussionVeronica Tucci, MD, JD, FAAEM, FACEP, FAIM
Maryam Hosseini, MD
Carolina Medeiros da Frota Ribeiro, MD
11:00 AM11:20 AMEngagement“I feel like there’s more to the story”: Guarding Versus Realness in Suicide Assessment (child assessment)Jon Berlin, MD
11:20 AM11:50 AMEngagementFeature: Patient Engagement and Empathy in the Era of the Open NoteTony Thrasher, DO
11:50 AM12:00 PMEngagementPanel DiscussionJon Berlin, MD
Tony Thrasher, DO
1:15 PM1:35 PMAdministration: ModelsOvercoming Unforeseen Obstacles in Creating Your New EmPATH UnitScott Zeller, MD
1:35 PM1:55 PMAdministration: ModelsEmergency Behavioral Health: A 3-legged StoolPhilip Stawski, MD, MBA
1:55 PM2:05 PMAdministration: ModelsPanel DiscussionScott Zeller, MD
Philip Stawski, MD, MBA
2:05 PM2:25 PMAdministration: BERTUsing a Behavioral Emergency Response Team (BERT) to foster culture changeDavid Seigler, MD, BS
2:25 PM2:45 PMAdministration: Early Team AssessmentBenefits of Early Team Assessment in Patients Presenting to the ED with Behavioral EmergenciesJoe Uzpen, MPAS
2:45 PM2:55 PMBREAK
2:55 PM3:15 PMAdministration: Prehospital ModelsModels of Response to Behavioral Emergencies in the Community: Reimagining the Role of PoliceAmy Watson, PhD
3:15 PM3:45 PMAdministration: Prehospital ModelsCrisis Coordination with Law Enforcement: Past, Present and FutureChristina Terrell, MD
Charles Browning, MD
Tony Thrasher, DO
3:45 PM4:00 PMAdministration: Prehospital ModelsPanel DiscussionAmy Watson, PhD
Christina Terrell, MD
Charles Browning, MD
Tony Thrasher, DO
4:00 PM4:20 PMAdministration: Patient-CenteredA Systems-based Approach to Providing Patient-centered Care to Behavioral Health Patients in the EDDana Im, MD, MPP, MPhil
Daniel Rosen, PhD
4:20 PM4:30 PMAdministration: Patient-CenteredPanel DiscussionDana Im, MD, MPP, MPhil
Daniel Rosen, PhD
4:30 PM5:00 PMScientific Session
Urban and Rural Emergency Department Psychiatric Services ResearchMax Ellithorpe, BA, MA
Dexmedetomidine Orally Dissolving Film (BXCL501) for the treatment of Acute Agitation Associated with Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder: SERENITY I and SERENITY II Clinical TrialsScott Zeller, MD

Thursday, December 9
Clinical Track

Start Time End Time SessionSpeakers
1:15 PM1:30 PMSchizophrenia and Stimulant Use Disorder Masking Anoxic Brain Injury Secondary to Fentanyl OverdoseVarun Goel, MD
Vivek Datta, MD, MPH
1:30 PM1:45 PMDeadly DisordersKim Nordstrom, MD, JD
Michael Wilson, MD, PhD
1:45 PM2:00 PMA Case of Headache and Weakness Diagnosed as a Somatoform DisorderDrew Castleberry, BS
2:00 PM2:20 PMFunctional Neurological Disorders in the Emergency DepartmentVivek Datta, MD, MPH
2:20 PM2:35 PMWhen Psychosis Originates Far from the Brain: A Mimic of Primary Psychiatric IllnessAdam Penrose
Jen Brockmeyer, MD
2:35 PM2:50 PMPsychiatric or Organic? A Case of Anti-NMDA Receptor EncephalitisKenneth Rogoza, DO
2:50 PM3:00 PMBREAK
3:00 PM3:15 PMNot Stroke, Not Seizure, Just Delayed and Prolonged Duloxetine ToxicityAndrew New, MD
Ashley VanHaverbeck, DO
3:15 PM4:00 PMFeatured: Journal ClubKim Nordstrom, MD
Michael Wilson, MD
4:00 PM4:15 PM“It Is Not What It Seems To Be”Lidia Klepacz, MD
Cezary Czeki, MD
4:15 PM4:30 PMEKG ‘Can’t Miss’ Harbingers of Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome In Psychiatric PatientsFrank Meissner, MD, RDMS, RCDS
Cynthia Garza, JD, MD
4:30 PM5:00 PMScientific Sessions in General Session room

Friday, December 10

Start Time End Time Theme SessionSpeakers
7:45 AM
8:00 AM
Day 2 Opening RemarksKim Nordstrom, MD
Michael Wilson, MD
8:00 AM8:30 AMChild: Boarding
The Development and Preliminary Data Analysis of a Pediatric Boarding Consensus Guidelines
Vera Feuer, MD
Nasuh Malas
8:30 AM 9:00 AMChild: Agitation

Disruptive Patients: Can We Predict It?
Meghan Schott, DO, FAPA
9:00 AM9:30 AMWellnessHumor in Emergency PsychiatryDavid Pepper, MD
9:30 AM9:50 AMAgitation: TreatmentThe Debate over KetamineLes Zun, MD
9:50 AM10:10 AMAgitation: TreatmentWhen “5+2” Fails: Treatment Refractory Agitation ManagementPriyanka Amin, MD
10:10 AM10:20 AMBREAK
10:20 AM10:40 AMAgitation: TreatmentAgitation Management: Neurobiological and Clinical ConsiderationsChristopher Miller, MD
Vedrana Hodzic, MD
Eric Weintraub, MD
10:40 AM11:00 AMAgitation: TreatmentPanel DiscussionLes Zun, MD
Priyanka Amin, MD
Christopher Miller, MD
Vedrana Hodzic, MD
Eric Weintraub, MD
11:00 AM11:40 AMSuicide RiskFeature: DrunkicidalJennifer Peltzer-Jones, PsyD RN
Priyanka Amin, MD
11:40 AM12:00 PMSuicide RiskPanel DiscussionLes Zun, MD
Jennifer Peltzer-Jones, PsyD RN
Priyanka Amin, MD
1:00 PM1:30 PMSuicide Risks: AssessmentsBeyond “Denies SI/HI:” Conducting and Utilizing Risk Assessments to Improve Patient CareLayla Soliman, MD
Adrienne Saxton, MD
1:30 PM2:00 PMSuicide Risks: Fireman SafetyDiscussing Firearm Safety Across the Age SpectrumJennifer Zaspel, MD
Tony Thrasher, DO
2:00 PM2:30 PMPerinatal Psych CrisisPregnant or Postpartum Patients in Psychiatric Crises: What’s the Emergency Provider to Do?Katherine Camfield, MD, MPH
Emily Dossett
2:30 PM2:40 PMBREAK
2:40 PM3:00 PMChild: AgitationQuality Improvement for Pediatric Acute Agitation in the Emergency DepartmentJennifer Hoffmann, MD
3:00 PM3:30 PMWellnessSoft Targets: Personal Security Considerations for Emergency Mental Health ProfessionalsJack Rozel, MD, MSL
3:30 PM4:00 PMHuman TraffickingThe Silent Victims Among Us: Identification and Treatment of Human Trafficking Victims in the HospitalMegan Schabbing, MD
4:00 PM4:30 PMSpecial Populations: ID/DDConnecting the Dots Between Adverse Behaviors and Treatable Underlying Health Conditions in ID/DDCraig Escude, MD, FAAFP, FAADM
4:30 PM5:00 PMClosing RemarksKim Nordstrom, MD
Michael Wilson, MD