2022 IBHI Pre-conference Session

Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement

Seminar on Improving Emergency Department Flow for People with Behavioral Health Problems
People in Behavioral Health Distress Shouldn’t Be An Emergency Department Crisis


  • Stuart Buttlaire, Ph.D. Regional Director of Behavioral Health for Northern California Kaiser Permanente
  • Megan Schabbing, MD Medical Director Psychiatric Emergency Services OhioHealth Behavioral Health Riverside Methodist Hospital
  • Leon Evans, MSW Three Bears Consulting
  • Larry Phillips, D.C.S.W. Program Manager,  St Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City
  • Wayne Young, MBA, LPC, FACHE Harris Center Houston
  • Keith Brennan, J.D.  Healthcare Consultant and 20-year veteran of the NYS Office of Mental Health – Counsel’s Office  
  • Peter Brown, MA Exec. Dir. IBHI
8:00 amOpening, Faculty Introductions and Schedule for the day
8:05 am Hearing from the participants – getting acquainted with each other:
Where are you from?
What brought you to the seminar and what are the issues you are facing?
8:35 am Creating a better system of care: The process of change and the focus of the seminar
Peter Brown
9:10 am Addressing through-put for consumers needing emergency care, with specific reference to challenging populations
Megan Schabbing, Stuart Buttlaire, Peter Brown
10:15 am BREAK
10:30 am Expediting and integrating care and for the community and how you can make it   happen, Meeting the challenge of engagement with criminal justice agencies. Needed treatment modalities and venues and developing community collaboration in achieving adequate treatment response.
Leon Evans, Wayne Young
12:00 pm LUNCH BREAK
1:00 pm Skiing Between the Trees – Managing legal challenges in emergency department operations related to risk of violence, community, information sharing and behavioral health patients. 
Keith Brennan
2:00 pm Culture and Caring for the Caregiver and their impact on patient care and thru-put time in            the Emergency Department.
Larry Phillips
3:00 pm BREAK 
3:15 pm Panel discussion: Current issues and ways to address them. Getting started on change What to select, who to involve, questions and cases from the audience.  How to overcome specific problems.
All faculty
4:45 pm Summary and evaluation
5:00 pm Adjourn

Cost to attend is $400

Email Peter Brown, peter@IBHI.net, for more information on the seminar!
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